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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have you noticed my clipped ear?

Hi everyone it's Beau!

I thought I would come and tell everyone what my life has been like this first year. I am one year old now so this is a most important story. I was born to a feral mama cat that took care of me for eight long weeks. When I was still a kitten I lived on the streets and had to search for all my own food. One day someone put some wonderful smelling food out for me but it ended up being a trap! I was most scared but they were really nice to me. They fed me and gave me a bath and then let me take a long nap. When I woke up I had been neutered. They told me this was important so that I did not have any kittens of my own. I was fine with this because I am just a young boy cat and not ready for a family.

Anyhoo they nice people at KittyCo here in Dallas were the ones that neutered me. They have a most alarming way of telling which cats have been neutered and which have not. You see they need to be able to tell from a distance sometimes because some kitties will not let you get close to them. So they cut the tip off of our left ear. I know how horrible! But it is a great idea to them and it does work I suppose. He is my picture, you can see my left ear is missing the tip. Mom says this makes me look scrappy and she loves it, dad thinks it's weird. I really don't notice it at all now.


So after the ladies at KittyCo got to know me they liked me a lot and called the Lost Paws Rescue Group. A very nice lady named Kathy took me in to live with her. She named me Rowdy because I LOVE to PLAY!!! She started looking for just the perfect home for me.

Unfortunately mom lost her most important friend just before she adopted me. I hear about Andy all the time and how much mom misses her. She must have been a special kitty, here is her picture. Isn't she most beautiful? I wish I could have met her, even though mom says she would not have liked me because I am too playful. She liked things calm.


This is when mom came into the picture. She started looking for kitties because she needed to have a kitty in her home or she would just be sad about Andy everyday instead of remembering how much fun she was. One day she called my foster mama to ask about two kitties. They were meezer cats, or Siamese. MooGoo and Kashmere. Mom loved meezer cats but Kathy didn't think the meezer kitties would like Boxen and Bella. She did have two cats that she did think might like her dogs. Enter Rowdy and Waldo.

One day mom and dad came to visit Waldo and Me at Petsmart where we were staying. They came into the room and played and played with us through the bars. She and dad wanted to come and meet us. They left that night and Said they would see us that weekend but I had heard that a lot and didn't believe them. Guess what they came back! They took us home that weekend and let us have an upstairs room to ourselfs for a week. Then it was time to meet Boxen and Bella.

the introductions went well cause Boxen and Bella know how to act around kitties. They know we don't like to play rough or be boxed with huge Boxer paws. Unfortunately My foster brother Waldo never really liked it at mom's house. He was way too stressed out. So mom took him back to Kathy. I hope he has a new forever home and is as happy as I am.

Waldo - Blogger

Anyhoo that is my story. I am so glad to be here with mom and dad, and even Boxen and Bella. I really love this home!

The End, or the Beginning really


  1. That was a GREAT story, Beau! I think Cap'n Ripley is gonna be jealous when he sees your clipped ear. It's very pirate-like. Arrrrrr! I'm glads you found your Most Perfect Home That Ever Was. You looks very much happy!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Oh that is a wonderful story! I'm sorry Waldo didn't feel comfortable. My brother Lucky had to learn about kitties when he came to live with us. He thought they were bunnies! Almost 2 years later and they have come to an understanding!

    I love your ear too!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  3. Beau, that was a good story! I think your tipped ear is a badge of honor. I think Andy would be very proud of you, and she is glad you are there.

  4. Oh...that was a WONDERFUL story!!! And I like your new name, Beau! Boxen, Bella & Beau...perfect! :-)
    Yes, I remember Andy - what an amazing kitty she was...but I think even though she can't be replaced, you will do a lot (and have already done a lot) to make your humans feel better and to fill their lives with kitty joy again. You're so lucky to have found such a lovely family, Beau!

    Honey the Great Dane