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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My trip to the Emergency Vet.... By Andy

So...I don't know if any of you have ever been to the vet but it isn't so bad. Usually they just prod you a little and give you some shots and that is it. Well the ER Vet is completely different. It is horrible and scary!

It all started with me not feeling well. Mom had to switch my food and take me off wet food because I had to give the food back to her about three times a day. GROSS!!! She switched me from IAMS because one of her friends at www.Mustluvboxers.com told her it might cause stomach cancer and they see a lot of problems with it at the vet she works for. STOMACH CANCER...scary!

So she switched me to Purina Cat Chows Naturals plus vitamins and minerals. I am doing great on that food but I have lost a whole pound from all the giving my food back. When you only weigh six pounds a pound is a lot of weight. Mom was just saying we needed to visit the vet to see why I had lost so much weight when her brother said my tail looked crooked. Mom came to pick me up to check it out and I cried because it hurt! She was really worried after that and put me down to check it out. This is when the panic started. Mom found a golfball sized lump by my tail!

So after talking it over with my dad they decided since I was in pain that they would take me to the ER for animals. Mom was really scared, she thought it was cancer. So they put me in my carrier and off to the ER we went. My mom's brother even came, he lived with me for three years so he was worried too.

The people at the ER were really nice, they took me into a nice quiet room for just us and took a look at my backside. OMG that hurt so much! They started messing with my lump! The guy vet said that he thought it was not cancer but might still be serius but he didnt't see any reason that they could not help me. YEA! mom was really worried that it would be something they could not help and since I was in so much pain she would have to let me go.

So after some time the lady vet came in. She thought it was either an abscessed anal gland or a hernia. She wanted to sedate me and give me some pain medicine and take a closer look. So mom kissed me and let her take me. The sedative was weird and the pain medicine was weirder. They took a closer look and it was the abscess. That was good news because no surgery for that! They had to lance it and clean it out which was horrible! It hurt real bad but I was a good kitty and didn't bite anyone.

When they took me back to mom I had two big holes in my skin where they flushed the grossness out and a cone on my head! A CONE UGH!! But I was still out a little and just wanted to go home. And they shaved my bum! that is so embarrassing!

Mom was really great at home and slept on the floor with me upstairs in her craft/cat room. I am now cone free and back to normal and hungry, hungry, hungry! I am back to my normal kitty self and happy to be free of all that pain.

Mom did take some pictures but they are gross so I will only post the one of me in my cone. She says I have to...ugh!


Anyway I would advise staying away from the ER Vet It really is different tahn the regular vet. Mom says it is way more expensive too. Oh well she says I am worth it.

Kitty kisses!


  1. Oh Andy, I'm sorry you had such a scairty experience! Thank Cod it was an abscess and not something worse.

  2. Oh poor Andy!! And the indignity of the cone too!!

    Anyway glad you're all back to normal now! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane