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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick mama

Hi everyone!

Yesterday one of my favorite things happened. Mom stayed home from work all day! I love it when this happens because mom will get out of her bed and get into ours to snuggle with us. We don't sleep in bed with mom and dad because we are too big. That would add almost 150 lbs of dog to their bed and we like to snuggle so mom does not get any sleep. Sometimes she will come and sleep in bed with us, and sometimes when dad leaves I will sneak into bed with her!

We have a very special bed. It is a twin bed matress on a bedframe so it is not on the floor. Mom got us this at a garage sale, whatever that is, and it didn't cost nearly as much as a doggie bed. Also mom can wash the sheet for it in the washer machine and keep it non-smelly for us. Best of all she can come and sleep with s when she wants because she can be comfortable on it. I will try to add pictures of our bed tomorrow. I think I will do a bloggy post on different places to sleep. that sounds like fun!

Anyway mom is feeling better today so she is back at work but yesterday was nice, I wish she caould stay home always!

Boxer Kisses

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