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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A post about babies...

So as it turns out there are some major times in life when everyone seems to just copy one another. Marriage for instance...there must have been ten weddings we went to for our close friends the year we got married. That is a lot of weddings.

Now babies...

They are everywhere and multiplying at an alarming rate! I can count at least six new babies and three people pregnant. That is a lot of babies! And when did it become ok to ask us every time you see us when we are going to join in? We will join in when we feel like it thank you very much.

Son't get me wrong I like having all these babies around but there comes a time when there are too many babies in one room.

My husband and I got to spend last Friday night with our three year old nephew and had a great time with him. His mom and dad were celebrating a night alone for their anniversary. The nice thing was that we could finally get a glimpse of what it would be like to have our own child. One that I could cook dinner for and watch movies with, and snuggle with in the morning. It was wonderful. But it was also stressful at the same time. The nice thing was that Joel still got to sleep late and I still got to go and workout. So we proved that just because you have a child does not mean you have to stop doing all the things you love.

Another thing I am wondering is when did having a baby come with so many prerequisites? Last time I went to the DR she gave me a whole list of instructions that she wanted me to follow before we even started trying to get pregnant. What happened to just deciding that you would stop trying not to get pregnant and see what happens. All these instructions take some of the fun out of it.

The baby thing is still not in the immediate future, it is just too important that we not rush each other on this. Trust me one day I will just announce that I am pregnant, no warning at all! hehe


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