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Friday, February 26, 2010

we got some explaining to do...

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. Mom has been really sick. anyway some exciting things have happened. Some sad things too. After the last post mom thought dad was too allergic to Waldo and Rowdy to keep them. Well he came and told her that he really liked them and wanted to see if he could take some medicine and make his allergies better. So they decided to keep them a little longer and see what happened.

Rowdy has adjusted pretty well. He will even come out and play with Boxen and me a little now. Waldo on the other hand was never really comfortable with us. In fact one day he got really scared and jumped at mom! He even bit her and scratched up her face! Luckily mom had put Soft Claws on the kitties the day before so it was not as bad as it could have been. I will show you the soft paws tomorrow in our post, they are a really neat alternative to declawing. Mom was really surprised but she knew it was just because Waldo was scared so she put him upstairs in the cat safe room and closed the door. Later she put Rowdy up there too since their potty box is up there. They next day Waldo went back to his foster mama. He was just too scared here with us and mom was scared that he would do that to someone else that was not as understanding as she was. She let his foster mama know what happened and she said she would make sure he went to a calmer family next time.

But Rowdy got to stay with us. He is out and playing with us doggies and sleeping with mom and dad at night. Mom moved his food to the cat shelf downstairs and he spends most of his time out with us. This is really cool because Andy stayed in the bedroom sleeping a lot the last couple of years. She would never play with us because by the time she met us she was too old to want to play much anymore. Rowdy is only ten months old so he plays all the time.

Oh and Rowdy has a new name! Mom and dad gave him his new name Monday. Mom said she would post it sometime soon she wants to do a post just on him one day next week.

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that mom came home with some new toys for us! Here are some of our new toys. I will srite why mom got them so that you will know why she likes them for us. We just like them becaus they are fun!

This is the orange octopus by JW Ruffians. We got a green octopus a couple of years ago as a present and it is still alive in our backyard. This is very important necause we can destroy toys very easily. This company makes toys with squeakers, their toys are rubber and hollow so they float in the pool and they don't hurt when mom accidentally throws them at dad. LOL Sometimes we can get the squeker to come out so mom has to watch for that. Over all this is a great toy for very chewy doggies like us.

This is a rubber Kong toy. I like the other bone I have so mom got theis one for me. I love to chew on stuff and this bone is just the right size my my smaller mouth. It does not fall apart easily so mom likes them. She does not have to buy them very often and she does not have to worry so much about watching me with it. She just checks it before and after I play with it to make sure it is still ok.

This is called a Senior Kong. It is supposed to be a little softer than a regular red kong. Mom likes these because she can fill them with treats like peanut butter and kibble and give them to us when they are not home. They keep us busy for hours trying to get all the yummy out of them. They are great to chew on also and they don't fall apart like some other rubber toys. This one is for Boxen because his teeth are getting older and breaking. He does not have any sharp canine teeth anymore they are all flat from him chewing on stuff and breaking them. Ouch!

This is the last toy and the favorite at our house. The squeaker came out of it really easy and mom was glad because it gets really old listening to that squeak all the time. Now Boxen will not go anywhere without his ball. Mom and Dad have to take it away at night so that he will sleep. I love to take the bakk from him so that he will chase me to get it back. Fun!!

Well that is all that is going on right now. Mom has loads of pictures stored for lots more posts. She really wishes we had more people coming to see our blog but she really likes the people that come now so that is nice.

Keep your eyes on us we will be posting lots of new pictures soon!

Snuggles from Bella

p.s. Did you know that mom put a lock on her closet door?!?! That is so unfair. Anyway I guess there will be no more underpants for me. Glad I have all these new toys!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update from Bella!!

Well everyone I'm sorry I scared you all and the mama. It turnes out that eating a pair of her underpants is a really bad idea. Last night when I got home from the vet I finally got them out. Gross!!!

Anyway I'm back at the vet today so that I can have my yearly vaccinations and get my Arm Catheter out. The vet left it in incase mom and dad had to take me to the ER last night or they had to do surgery on me today.

Oh and mom wants me to tell you that she does not leave her underpants lying around I go into her closet when she is sleeping and get them out of the hamper. There is now a latch on her closet door keeping all of us out.

Anyway I am doing better and am back to my bouncy self entertaining the whole vet staff. Thanks to everyone that helped me feel better. It is really bad when us doggies eat things that we aren't supposed to. It can really mess up our insides.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

too much...

Bella is at the vet with what we think is an obstruction. She threw up some fo the rope that we think the tree guys might have left behing the other night. Now she is refusing to eat which is cause for alarm in our Piglet. She will eat anything, clearly!!

Waldo and Rowdy will unfortunately be going back to Lost Paws. The foster period is about over and we are not really connecting with them like we had hoped. They are constantly fighting over me and not nice to each other at all. Oh and Joel is allergic to them.

When it rains it pours, first the bad news with Andy and now my Bella is sick. I don't think I can handle it if something happens to her.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello from Waldo and Rowdy!

Well hello everyone! We are Waldo and Rowdy. Boxen and Bella have been whispering through the door giving us instructions on how to write on the bloggie. They are really nice doggies by the way, not to pushy at all!

Anyway yesterday was rough! Just when we though we were comfy and asleep mom started clipping our nails and telling us about our new family. This was such a shock because we have been with our foster mom for so long. But we can handle it, or we thought we could. Mom put us in our carriers and put us in the loud car machine. We got to the store where we stay sometimes in the clear boxes where we can see people. We were so surprised...there were two people there that we saw last week! There was a nice lady and her guy. They stopped by one day and played with us through our cages. We love to play!

Anyway, our foster mom took us into a back room and opened our boxes. I came out right away but for some reason Rowdy stayed in his. I definitely wanted to say hi to the new people and there was a whole room to explore. What I didn't count on was my foster mom cleaning my ears and putting the yukky revolution on my back. I hate that stuff! Do you know how long it will take me to get that spot clean now?

So after the ear cleaning we went into two new boxes. My new mom and dad were taking us home! We walked around the store a little to get food and litter and toys and got back in the loud car machine. Rowdy was being such a baby the whole night. He cried the whole way to the store and the whole way home. Ugh...grow up.

When we got to our new house mom and dad showed us to Boxen and Bella and let us see them, through our boxes of course. Then we went to our new room. It is so much fun! There are big windows that look out onto the big back yard and there is a squirrel that comes to visit us. There is a big cat perch for us to climb on and lots of toys to play with. Mom put out some food and water and showed us our new potty box.

Then she got out the flashy thing. I will let Rowdy explain the pictures since I have talked enough. It is so nice to meet everyone!


Hi bloggie people! I am Rowdy and I am so happy to meet you. Don't listen to Waldo about the car I was trying to tell mom and dad how to drive right. They don't know how to drive at all. First they need to stay under 30 mph so my tummy doesn't get upset. They also need to learn to take another route without turns because I don't like those either. I hope they hear my instructions.

Here are the pictures mom took with the flashy thing this morning.

Mom was having a hard time getting a good picture of Waldo. He likes to snuggle in the morning and he wouldn't get far enough away from her to let her take a picture.


See! He was too busy snuggling to let her get a good one. I think she liked it though cause she kept picking him up and snuggling him.


This is me! My tail looks really weird cause my leg is blending in with it can you see which part is my tail and which part is my leg?


This is me too! I was peaking out from behind the couch to see what mom and Waldo were doing. Aren't I handsome? Well except for the alien eyes, oops.


I'm still a little scared and missing my foster mom so I am staying safe behind the couch. This is my favorite new hiding place.


Well I hope you all have a nice day. Mom said she would be back to check on us later after work. I can't wait, maybe I'll let her pet me again when she gets home. That is if Waldo will leave her alone!

Tata for now!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A house without a cat just doesn't feel like home

So...it has been four days since I had to say goodbye to my precious Andy. She was the light of my life for so long that I feel as though a hole has been cut out of me. I am not sleeping at night, nor do I have any inclination to go home except for Boxen and Bella, Oh and I guess for Joel, LOL.

So I have started looking for a new kitty friend for our house.

I have always wanted to have two kitties. I love seeing them play, and snuggle with each other. Andy always wanted to be an only kitty so I never pushed her to share me. Now that she has left us I feel it is right to give another kitty, or two a chance to find their homes. This is where www.PETFINDER.com comes into play. You can go onto this site and see all the cats near you that need homes. You can see their pictures, read about them, and ohh and ahh over all the kittens. While I do love kittens so does everyone else. They are adopted almost three times as fast as adult or even adolescent cats. So we decided to search for an older cat, over a year. Also bonded pairs of cats are at a disadvantage because most people only want one. So we searced for a pair already bonded.

Enter Kashmere and MOOGOO. I found them at LOST PAWS RESCUE in Carrollton, TX. They were a pair that had bonded and needed to be adopted together. They are both siamese and beautiful. I e-mailed the organization and waited to hear back. I got to work the next day and had a voicemail from them saying that they didn't think they would be a good match for us, or for Boxen and Bella. What a letdown! But they did have some suggestions.

They suggested Rowdy and Waldo. They are two boys about a year old that LOVE to play! I turnes out they are camping out in the kitty room at Petsmart in the Petsmart close to us. YEA! So we head out to petsmart to check them out. We get there and of course they are sleeping. Waldo is in a cage with another calmer kitty and Rowdy is in a seperate cage. They needed to be seperated because they were making a mess of thier food bowls with all their playing!

Without further ado meet Waldo and Rowdy. We hope that they will be joining our family next Tuesday. Get ready for some Action!