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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dog beds...custom style

Well I finally did something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I made a new cover for a dog bed. We all know that the covers that come with the beds are crap. They fall apart, they get torn, they are ugly. LOL

Well here is the new bed for the princess... (don't ask me why the picture is upside down. Blogger is making me mad with this latest update.) Also I need a better picture, and picture taking area. Ugh.


Anyhoo her name is sewn onto it with felt. Easy peasy. Just cut out the letters with my cricut and traced them onto felt. I sewed them on with my machine. See how straight the sewing is. Not...

The back of this the envelope style instead of having a zipper. In my experience dogs like to rip out zippers. the panels simply overlap as a pillowcase might do and that covers the insert. I also reinforced the seams with double sewing. Any place that I thought might rip easily got extra stitching.

The princess had to have material with a crown on it!

I am really proud of this. I am going to make one for Boxen next. Then hopefully I can talk someone into making a platform for them for the bedroom to raise them up a bit. We will see. I am determined to get the twin bed out of there. That is their bed now only because the sheets are easy to wash lol. 

I think she likes it! What do you think?