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Friday, April 20, 2012

A little crafty

Last night when I got home I headed right up to my craft room. I was going to watch some Sarah's House, iron some clothes, craft a little, and let Joel study. What I forgot to do was turn the thermostat down.

Let me explain. In our two story house we have one A/C. It cools the whole house. In the summer this is unbearable. While we can keep the downstairs at a nice 75 degrees the upstairs is at least fifteen degrees hotter. The solution, another A/C unit. The temporary solution, a window unit. It is cheeper and I can turn it on when I need it instead of keeping it on all the time.

So here I was upstairs trying to iron with sweat pouring down me. Not pretty, I was not happy. So I decided that I do not iron, at all, and I was going back downstairs to take my now bad mood out on cleaning the house.

After some cleaning, some studying with my wonderful husband and a trip to the library and sonic for a diet coke things were much better. Unfortunately having a diet coke at nine at night is lot a good idea. By ten I was back in the craft room while DH was blissfully snoring downstairs.

Let me introduce you to my craft room...

It is not exactly like this anymore but it is close. The table is under the short curtained wall and the loveseat is on the opposite wall. That allows the floor to be open. My sewing machine is now to the left of the window with the long curtain too. I guess I need to take a new picture but that would involve cleaning the place up and we all know how bad craft rooms can get.

Anyway when I came out of the room two and a half hours later I had this...

This picture is upside down and taken with my iPhone but this is the start of my new purse. the flower pattern is the top and it has an outside pocket.

This is the inside. There are six smaller pockets inside.

Since I didn't use a pattern on this there are some things that I wish I would have done differently. I sewed the inside and outside fabric together first. I have since learned that this is one of the last steps. I'll show you why later. This meant that to sew the pockets on without haveing seams showing through I had t manuver fabric to only sew through one side at a time. In the inside I only wanted to sew thos pockets to the floral pattern. On the outside I only wanted to sew them to the geometric pattern.

Anyway I have some finishing to do but I'm pretty happy with it. I can't wait to show yall the finished item!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Seven months ago DH started Crossfit and loved it! It really helped him get ready for the police academy. Now I am in my third week of the class and loving it too. I thought I would do some posts about it and what I'm hoping to get out of it.

First of all this is me now in my way too tight favorite dress...


I have about fifty to seventy pounds to lose to be at the weight I want. This dress is a size 14.
I wanted an 18 but it did not go up that high. This is my goal: to get into this dress and look really hot in it within three months. I would need to lose twenty or thirty pounds.
This is a very doable goel with weight watchers and crossfit.

So onto CrossFit. It is a boot camp style fitness gym that uses your body and weights to work you out. The workouts are usually one hour long and kick your but. We are in the Fundamentals class right now for four weeks. the fundamentals class lets you come in a little slower than you would if you attended regular classes.

They provide programs for all age groups that are both universally ADAPTABLE and SCALABLE to individual fitness goals. The objective is to enhance overall wellness and maximize physical performance over the long term

I love it. They let me row instead of run. I can't run because of past injuries to my shins. It is physically very painful for me to run, do jumping jacks, or put any kind of shok to my shins. Sucks.

I will definately update you guys on how this turns out. I have been bad about weight watchers but starting Monday it is all steam ahead in the diet department. Before we went on the cruise I lost a few pounds without the workouts so I can only imagine if I put them together.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Go CrossFit!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sorry everyone for the delay of posting, I promist to be better at it.

So what have we been up to. Well, adjusting to tell you the truth. It took us a while to get our head around this Police academy thing. Joel went from a position that gives you uniforms, a semi lenient schedule, and leaves you to your own devices to get your work done to a position that makes you wear a shirt and tie, and PT clothes, and you have to be there at specific times. Not to mention the studying, working out, studying, trying to balance life with all of this, studying, get the picture?

The good news is that he passed his first two tests! Woohoo! He is doing well and far ahead in the physical training part of it, thanks to Cross Fit. We are getting better at using our time wisely and studying. He has been really great at packing his lunch and snacks everyday. So now that things are evening out life should slow back down a little.

So what have I been up to you ask? Well I painted the den...

I have been playing a little in here...

I started classes at the CrossFit Gym in Grapevine close to my work... (no this is not me but I hope it will be in the future.)

And I am doing a lot of cooking, cleaning, and flash card writing. Fun! I love helping the hubby with his classes. I love seeing him this happy! He is a completely different person than he was those last few years where he was so unhappy at work.

So that is what we have been up to. Exciting huh? Lol

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everything happens for a reason...

For the last year DH and I have been without any form of baby prevention. To tell you the truth we had started to get a little frustrated. According to the Dr everything is perfect with us so there is nothing to worry about. Well I was still a little worried.

Then DH started the police academy. Now I know why. There is no way that we could do this with a baby. The academy is 34 weeks long. Then there is a period of field training. I know everything happens for a reason. I feel like the reason is that God knew we wouldn't have been happy dealing with both a baby and the academy. It would have really tested or finances and our relationship.

I finally feel like we are ready, really ready. The timing is good, our finances are in a great place, and our relationship is fantastic. Also I feel a little less obsessed about it now. There are so many people that say give up and relax and it will happen. It's time to test that theory.

Monday, April 9, 2012

We are back!

We are back from vacation! We had a great time! This month is crazy for us with DH starting the Police academy and it being year end at my work so there might not be many posts. Here are some pics to tide you over though.

Joel and his King fish!

These were all over the place at Grand Cayman.

It was really cool to see this ship in person after watching it being built on TV. The freedom of the seas.

Our beach spot in Jamaica!

Sunset one night on the ship.
There will be lots more to come but that is a few for now. Enjoy!