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Friday, April 20, 2012

A little crafty

Last night when I got home I headed right up to my craft room. I was going to watch some Sarah's House, iron some clothes, craft a little, and let Joel study. What I forgot to do was turn the thermostat down.

Let me explain. In our two story house we have one A/C. It cools the whole house. In the summer this is unbearable. While we can keep the downstairs at a nice 75 degrees the upstairs is at least fifteen degrees hotter. The solution, another A/C unit. The temporary solution, a window unit. It is cheeper and I can turn it on when I need it instead of keeping it on all the time.

So here I was upstairs trying to iron with sweat pouring down me. Not pretty, I was not happy. So I decided that I do not iron, at all, and I was going back downstairs to take my now bad mood out on cleaning the house.

After some cleaning, some studying with my wonderful husband and a trip to the library and sonic for a diet coke things were much better. Unfortunately having a diet coke at nine at night is lot a good idea. By ten I was back in the craft room while DH was blissfully snoring downstairs.

Let me introduce you to my craft room...

It is not exactly like this anymore but it is close. The table is under the short curtained wall and the loveseat is on the opposite wall. That allows the floor to be open. My sewing machine is now to the left of the window with the long curtain too. I guess I need to take a new picture but that would involve cleaning the place up and we all know how bad craft rooms can get.

Anyway when I came out of the room two and a half hours later I had this...

This picture is upside down and taken with my iPhone but this is the start of my new purse. the flower pattern is the top and it has an outside pocket.

This is the inside. There are six smaller pockets inside.

Since I didn't use a pattern on this there are some things that I wish I would have done differently. I sewed the inside and outside fabric together first. I have since learned that this is one of the last steps. I'll show you why later. This meant that to sew the pockets on without haveing seams showing through I had t manuver fabric to only sew through one side at a time. In the inside I only wanted to sew thos pockets to the floral pattern. On the outside I only wanted to sew them to the geometric pattern.

Anyway I have some finishing to do but I'm pretty happy with it. I can't wait to show yall the finished item!


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