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Thursday, March 15, 2012

So much for relaxing on vacation...

A week ago we took Boxen to the vet because his eye looked irritated. The vet said he had scratched his cornea and gave us some drops to put in his eye every three hours.

All week Boxen has been getting Benadryl with his food to sedate him a little. He will scratch and rub on the eye otherwise.

Today he went back and it is worse. They are sending us to an opthamologist ASAP. They will probably have to do surgery, while we are on vacation.

I hate that this is happening to him. I hate that Joel will not be able to relax because he will be worried about Boxen. I hate that we are going to have to ask people to take care of this while we are gone.

I am confident that we will be able to mend Boxen's eye and if we can not we can have it removed and he will be just fine. He is eight years old so we have to think about the danger of putting him under for moltiple surgeries or just one to remove it. I hope that we can get into the Opthamologist soon. I really don't want my mother to have to deal with making those decisions about what to do.

Poor boxxy. For now he is wearing the cone of shame...

p.s. this was a week ago. Can you see the green area? That is his ulcer. That is what is causing all this.

The cruise itenerary

Hi everyone it's Bella again!

Mom wanted me to come and tell you all about her cruise! They have been telling us grandma is coming to stay with us for a week. We are SOOOO Excited!

Mom and Dad are leaving Saturday morning and driving down to see mom's friend and her new baby.

Sunday they leave out of Galveston. They didn't want to fly anywhere because their honeymoon got nearly ruined by those airplanes. I don't remember cause I wasn't born yet!lol

So this is what it will look like Sunday morning...

Then they will spend day two and three at sea...

They will be doing lots of playing on the boat those days. Mom says she just wants to lay out by the pool. Dad wants to try out the casinos.

On day four they will wake up to this view!

They don't have any plans for those days they are just going to see what they want to do that day. Dad wants to take mom to do some shopping and mom wants to lay on the beach. They are going to buy some rum to take home though.

Day five they will wake up to this! Grand Cayman! So pretty!

Then once they get off the boat they are going on an adventure to see some of these! Scary!

On that adventure they are going to be able to pet stingrays, snorkel, and relax in the water. Once that is done they want to go sight seeing a little.

Day six they will wake up in Cozumel. More beaches and sun! Woohoo!

This day they will take a short taxi ride to get on another smaller boat. They are going deep sea fishing. Dad has always wanted to do that and mom fouund a really great price! The boat will take four so mom and dad are hoping to find two friends on the boat to go with them.

On that boat they will fish and snorkle. They will have food and drinks for mom and dad and whoever else they take! Then once they are done they will be dropped off where someone will cook their fish! I wish they could bring some home for us to try but the boat won't let them.

On day seven mom and dad will be at sea again. They are going to celebrate their 5 year anniversary that day. Fun! Congratulations mom and dad!

On day eight they will be getting off the boat and coming home to us! Woohoo!

Mom says I can't tell you when they are leaving cause that would not be safe but I can say you might see some pictures in the next three weeks sometime! I hope you will all have some great adventures like this soon!

Boxer wiggles

Monday, March 12, 2012

Trixy's story...

Say hello to Trixy...

The story...

So after waiting weeks and walking outside every thirty seconts we came to the conclusion that Beau had found another home that fed him more food. ( BTW that is the story that I have to believe so please don't comment on the other options. K thanks.) I was still checking the loval shelter website in the hopes that he would show up there.

Well as you know there are always lots of kitties and doggies on the shelter websites. They all need homes. They are all usually really cute. So one day I decided to go up there and sign up to volunteer and possibly foster. I also wanted to see a kitty named Jasmine that was having some problems adjusting to see if I could help her. She was really an unhappy kitty and had to be released to the bridge then next day. After she bit a few people the shelter didn't really have any other option.

As I was leaving I was walking past the cages and saw this...

I have a soft spot for tabby kitties. My andy looked just like this... see...

This baby girl was named princess, the same thing Andy was named when I got her. She was 6 lbs and full grown, same as Andy. She had the same colors and furrs. So I asked to see her. Before I realized what I was doing I flipped her over onto her back and was holding her like a baby like I used to do with Andy. It took me months to get Beau to let me do this. Princess curled up and started purring and making biscuts, no freakout just instant comfort.

I know this sounds weird but it was almost like my Andy had come back to me. I had to have her. Later that day Joel came to the shelter with me to do the allergy test and fell in love with her too. We decided she was a Trixy and not a princess though. This girl loves to play!

So she came home with us that next Tuesday. She needed t be spayed and get all her vaccinations. She has a very pretty tummy... see...

She loves to play while I'm in the craft room

And she loves the cat perch

I'm sure you will hear lots more from miss Trixy. Be sure and check back for updates on this beautiful little girl!

p.s. miss Trixy is sporting Pink soft claws now thanks to her scratching habbit. Also she will never go utside. We will never have an outside kitty ever again.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What happened to Beau...

Our brodder Beau joined us last year sometimes. It took him some time to get used to us but after a little while he tured into a kind of cool kittie. He and I would vhase each other around and he LOVED mom, Lots. He and dad never really got around to likin each other but dad said he was lots of fun to wrestle with.

One day Beau decided that he was really unhappy. He started attackin Me and Boxen and being mean to mom and dad. Beau was a Ferrral kittie when he was a baby and was tamed, whatever that means. So he always wanted outside. Mom would let him out on the leash but had heard too many stories of kitties getting hurt outside. Well one day Beau bit mom and she kicked him outside!With her foots! ( not hard, it was more of a nudge but it still suprised us).

Well Beau loved it outside and after mom got a little more comfortable leaving him outs it was working out great. He would come home sometimes with a scratch or a cut but there are a lots of cats in our neighborhood so mom just figured they were figuring things out. she would keep him inside on nights like halloweens and christmas so that he would be safe. When it would rain she would worry about him and rush home to let him in. She would dry him off and they would snuggle.

Then on New years day mom was tryin to keep Beau inside to keep him safe from drunks drivers that night. When she let us out he snuck out too. That was the last time we was him. He never came home. We put up signs and asked all of the neighborses but no one had seen him. In fact they all were happy he was gone since he had been picking on all of their cats and stealing their foods. Mom was really embarrassed. She told the neighborses that we would keep him in if we found him and to please let us know if they knew anything.

Mom wanted for a whole month for him to some home. She would go outside with us everyday and walk along the fence hoping to see him. I think she still might wish that she would see him one day jumping over the fence running to see her. He always used to come runnin when she called him, no matter how far away he was.

I know she misses her snuggly kitty, and her fat boy. I definately miss chasing him around the yard. (The new kitty does not like to be chased by the way.)

RIP Beau, We hope you are just living it up somewhere else with another family.

Beau loved to play with mom. He loved this feather thingie.

After he startied staying outside he would comes inside to sleeps. He loved to cuddle with mom while he slept.

Sometimes if he was tired enough he would even sleep with dad!

We have a lots of sleeping pictures. I wish we had more other pictures too.

Mom loved his tipped ear. She thought it gave him character!

In the end we loved to sleeps and snuggles. I think he finally figured out how warms we were!

RIP brodder. I miss you.

wiggles and snorts,


Monday, March 5, 2012

Boxen, Bella, and Beau

Hello again everyone! We are back!

Mom took some time off for another blog but it is not nearly as much fun as this one so we are back! WooHoo.

It's time to catch up on what has been happening. We have been swimmin, and travelin, and got a new kitty sister, and cuddlin, and eatin, and lots more. Mom and Dad went to California and are now going somewhere called Jamaica!

Here are some new pictures of us for those of you that might have missed us! Just in case you forgots what we looks like. We sure missed all of you!

This is one of the last pictures taken of our brodder Beau. Mom says we will prolly not ever see him again.

Mom just happened to get this one of us snugglin. We love snugglin.

I also love love love to lay out in the backyard and get some sunnen. I'm a happy girl here after a walk with mom.

Sometimes if I'm really good I get to go for a ride with mom in the car. Boxen doesn't like the car so I get to spend this time alone with mom, YEA!

This last one is of us guarding mom in her craft room. Craft rooms can be very dangerous you know.

Anyhoos we will be back and posting more often. We sure missed our bloggy friends.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Be careful...be aware...

A few weekends ago I went to a Bachelorette party for a friend of mine. We all had a really great time and were really excited for the bride. I left early but the party kept going. Evidently late that night the Bride decided to drive home. She had to get gas first though. At the gas station she was attacked and raped.

Please be careful when you are out late, please be aware of your surroundings. There is nothing we can do to take back this terrible event but we can try and prevent it from happening to others by trying to make people aware.

My heart aches for my friend. My heart aches for anyone else that this has happened to. Being a future policeman's wife I'm sure I will know more about things than anyone ever wants to know. This is the part that will be the most difficult.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The news is out, Joel's work knows he is leaving. Hopefully they are ok with it and don't let him go early.
In a little less than a month my husband will be starting the Police Academy. And before you ask yes we have seen the movie, it is a favorite at our house right now. Once he starts it will mean 32 weeks of nothing but concentrating on graduation. 32 weeks. He starts March 28th so he will graduate around the end of October. Then the fun really starts. For the first few years he will have the worst shifts in the worst parts of town. Also no vacation.

So we are taking one now. A big one. One we have been wanting to go on for a while. In 19 days and 14 hours we will be boarding this...

It is the Carnival Magic. We are SO EXCITED! Seven days of sun, beaches, food, fun, and no family drama. WOOHOO! We have arranged house sitters that will take care of the dogs and cat and house. We have put in for time off. We have been approved for time off. We have booked the cruise and have our boarding passes. I am not packed yet but only bevcause I might want those clothes between now and then. Also because all of my summer stuff is in storage. Oops.

In 19 days 14 hours we will be riding this slide...

Swimming in this pool...

Playing at this mini golf course...

And sleeping in this room...

Does it get any better than this? This will be the last vacation for a few years and we are not pregnant yet so why not go all out? Anyway I'm sorry if you will get tired of hearing about this in the next few weeks but get ready. There will be lots of cruise posts coming up.