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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello from Waldo and Rowdy!

Well hello everyone! We are Waldo and Rowdy. Boxen and Bella have been whispering through the door giving us instructions on how to write on the bloggie. They are really nice doggies by the way, not to pushy at all!

Anyway yesterday was rough! Just when we though we were comfy and asleep mom started clipping our nails and telling us about our new family. This was such a shock because we have been with our foster mom for so long. But we can handle it, or we thought we could. Mom put us in our carriers and put us in the loud car machine. We got to the store where we stay sometimes in the clear boxes where we can see people. We were so surprised...there were two people there that we saw last week! There was a nice lady and her guy. They stopped by one day and played with us through our cages. We love to play!

Anyway, our foster mom took us into a back room and opened our boxes. I came out right away but for some reason Rowdy stayed in his. I definitely wanted to say hi to the new people and there was a whole room to explore. What I didn't count on was my foster mom cleaning my ears and putting the yukky revolution on my back. I hate that stuff! Do you know how long it will take me to get that spot clean now?

So after the ear cleaning we went into two new boxes. My new mom and dad were taking us home! We walked around the store a little to get food and litter and toys and got back in the loud car machine. Rowdy was being such a baby the whole night. He cried the whole way to the store and the whole way home. Ugh...grow up.

When we got to our new house mom and dad showed us to Boxen and Bella and let us see them, through our boxes of course. Then we went to our new room. It is so much fun! There are big windows that look out onto the big back yard and there is a squirrel that comes to visit us. There is a big cat perch for us to climb on and lots of toys to play with. Mom put out some food and water and showed us our new potty box.

Then she got out the flashy thing. I will let Rowdy explain the pictures since I have talked enough. It is so nice to meet everyone!


Hi bloggie people! I am Rowdy and I am so happy to meet you. Don't listen to Waldo about the car I was trying to tell mom and dad how to drive right. They don't know how to drive at all. First they need to stay under 30 mph so my tummy doesn't get upset. They also need to learn to take another route without turns because I don't like those either. I hope they hear my instructions.

Here are the pictures mom took with the flashy thing this morning.

Mom was having a hard time getting a good picture of Waldo. He likes to snuggle in the morning and he wouldn't get far enough away from her to let her take a picture.


See! He was too busy snuggling to let her get a good one. I think she liked it though cause she kept picking him up and snuggling him.


This is me! My tail looks really weird cause my leg is blending in with it can you see which part is my tail and which part is my leg?


This is me too! I was peaking out from behind the couch to see what mom and Waldo were doing. Aren't I handsome? Well except for the alien eyes, oops.


I'm still a little scared and missing my foster mom so I am staying safe behind the couch. This is my favorite new hiding place.


Well I hope you all have a nice day. Mom said she would be back to check on us later after work. I can't wait, maybe I'll let her pet me again when she gets home. That is if Waldo will leave her alone!

Tata for now!


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  1. Hi Waldo! Hi Rowdy! I am glad you are settling into your wonderful new Forever home!