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Friday, February 26, 2010

we got some explaining to do...

Sorry it has been so long since our last post. Mom has been really sick. anyway some exciting things have happened. Some sad things too. After the last post mom thought dad was too allergic to Waldo and Rowdy to keep them. Well he came and told her that he really liked them and wanted to see if he could take some medicine and make his allergies better. So they decided to keep them a little longer and see what happened.

Rowdy has adjusted pretty well. He will even come out and play with Boxen and me a little now. Waldo on the other hand was never really comfortable with us. In fact one day he got really scared and jumped at mom! He even bit her and scratched up her face! Luckily mom had put Soft Claws on the kitties the day before so it was not as bad as it could have been. I will show you the soft paws tomorrow in our post, they are a really neat alternative to declawing. Mom was really surprised but she knew it was just because Waldo was scared so she put him upstairs in the cat safe room and closed the door. Later she put Rowdy up there too since their potty box is up there. They next day Waldo went back to his foster mama. He was just too scared here with us and mom was scared that he would do that to someone else that was not as understanding as she was. She let his foster mama know what happened and she said she would make sure he went to a calmer family next time.

But Rowdy got to stay with us. He is out and playing with us doggies and sleeping with mom and dad at night. Mom moved his food to the cat shelf downstairs and he spends most of his time out with us. This is really cool because Andy stayed in the bedroom sleeping a lot the last couple of years. She would never play with us because by the time she met us she was too old to want to play much anymore. Rowdy is only ten months old so he plays all the time.

Oh and Rowdy has a new name! Mom and dad gave him his new name Monday. Mom said she would post it sometime soon she wants to do a post just on him one day next week.

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that mom came home with some new toys for us! Here are some of our new toys. I will srite why mom got them so that you will know why she likes them for us. We just like them becaus they are fun!

This is the orange octopus by JW Ruffians. We got a green octopus a couple of years ago as a present and it is still alive in our backyard. This is very important necause we can destroy toys very easily. This company makes toys with squeakers, their toys are rubber and hollow so they float in the pool and they don't hurt when mom accidentally throws them at dad. LOL Sometimes we can get the squeker to come out so mom has to watch for that. Over all this is a great toy for very chewy doggies like us.

This is a rubber Kong toy. I like the other bone I have so mom got theis one for me. I love to chew on stuff and this bone is just the right size my my smaller mouth. It does not fall apart easily so mom likes them. She does not have to buy them very often and she does not have to worry so much about watching me with it. She just checks it before and after I play with it to make sure it is still ok.

This is called a Senior Kong. It is supposed to be a little softer than a regular red kong. Mom likes these because she can fill them with treats like peanut butter and kibble and give them to us when they are not home. They keep us busy for hours trying to get all the yummy out of them. They are great to chew on also and they don't fall apart like some other rubber toys. This one is for Boxen because his teeth are getting older and breaking. He does not have any sharp canine teeth anymore they are all flat from him chewing on stuff and breaking them. Ouch!

This is the last toy and the favorite at our house. The squeaker came out of it really easy and mom was glad because it gets really old listening to that squeak all the time. Now Boxen will not go anywhere without his ball. Mom and Dad have to take it away at night so that he will sleep. I love to take the bakk from him so that he will chase me to get it back. Fun!!

Well that is all that is going on right now. Mom has loads of pictures stored for lots more posts. She really wishes we had more people coming to see our blog but she really likes the people that come now so that is nice.

Keep your eyes on us we will be posting lots of new pictures soon!

Snuggles from Bella

p.s. Did you know that mom put a lock on her closet door?!?! That is so unfair. Anyway I guess there will be no more underpants for me. Glad I have all these new toys!


  1. Hi Bella - thanks for that great tour of your toys! I'm so glad you told us about the "Senior Kong" because I have a very soft mouth and have always been a bit of a wimp - so I would never touch the big black giant kong that my humans got for me (thinking they had a giant breed so they got the strongest!) - so now Hsin-Yi is thinking she might get me a Senior one which I might like better! I never really like any toys which are hard - but then I was never really a "chewy" dog either and hardly ever chewed anything, even when I was a puppy.

    I also like the look of that octopus and bear - very COOL!! :-) I haven't seen toys like that here - we don't have such a big range as you guys in America.

    Do you visit my friend Mango the Mastiff? He did a post recently about new bloggers - you should check it out: http://mangosgreatadventures.blogspot.com/2010/02/for-new-bloggers-and-momma-goes-big-dog.html
    Anyway, lots of people left comments saying how hard it was to make friends at first - one doggie was blogging for a whole year before they got their 1st comment! So take heart - it can take a while.

    I think you've just got to visit lots of other blogs and leave comments and introduce yourself - that's the only way to make friends and then they will come back to visit you. Also, if you post more regularly, it encourages people to come back. Like I did mention you in one of my posts last year and suggested people pop over to come say hello - and I could see from my Stats that a lot of my visitors did click on the link to your blog...but unfortunately, you didn't update your blog for a long time for some reason and so I think people lose interest. Also, I think it hasn't helped that you've changed your blog address so peopel who used to visit you might not be able to find you so easily (if they still have your old blog address on their Google Reader, it will just look like you haven't updated at all for months!).

    Another way to make more friends is to join in competitions! That way other doggie bloggers get to know a bit more about you and so will come and visit you. But mainly, it's just visiting other people and leaving comments and posting as often as possible!

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll soon have so many blog friends, you can't keep up with all their posts (like me!) And I'm sorry if I don't always get to come and visit as often - sometimes when my human gets busy, then visiting blog friends sort of falls to the bottom of the list! But I always try to catch up on all your posts when I do finally come by!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Bella, you have some cool toys! I am so glad that Rowdy is adjusting well and gets to stay with you. I think he will be fun for you to play with. I can't wait to learn his new name!