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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rowdy's new name

Hi everyone! Mom told me I needed to come and say hi and tell everyone what my new name was. It's Beau! Mom used to have a friend in High School Named Beau. He was a really nice guy. When she was telling some story to dad one day she said the name and Dad loved it. He wanted to use it on a skin kid in the future but Mom wait that would be a little weird. So they gave the name to me. Isn't that cool!

Anyway I am loving it here with Mom and Dad, Bella and Boxen. Waldo was too scared here so he went back to our foster mom. I miss him a little but now I don't have to share mom I get her all to myself! I have spent most of my life sharing food, toys, and all my other stuff with other nice kitties so it is kinda cool to not have to share anything. I do share my toys with Bella sometimes. She likes to jump at my feather on a stick toy so I let he play sometimes. She is a lot bigger than me so I kinda have to, but she is nice to the toy so I don't mind.

Mom also wanted me to tell you guys about something called Soft Claws. It is this really cool thing someone invented as an alternative to declawing. Mom does not think declawing should be allowed because of the pain and discomfort it causes us kitties. Andrea, the kitty before me, was declawed as a kitten. By the time mom got her a few years later she was already having pain in her paw bones. She would cry when mom touched her paws. Later near the end of her life she did not like to walk around or play much. Mom thinks her paw bones might have had some arthritis but it never seemed to really hurt her so mom didn't worry too much. I will do a post soon saying more about them but for now back to me!

Some of my favorite things to do around here are:

Helping mom in her craft room.

Helping mom on the computer.

And trying to tell mom that the flashy thing is annoying.

See I am trying to tell her in her ear in this picture because she didn't get it the first few times.

Other than that I love to play with my new toys, and I love all the Windows that I can see out of. My absolute favorite thing to do is to practice my 10 feet dash on top of mom and dad when they are sleeping at night though. That is so much fun!

I hope that you all like my blog post. Mom is going to make my adoption official Saturday so you will be seeing a lot more of me.

Kitty Kisses


  1. Hi Beau! I like your new name, and you done a real good job posting. I am looking forward to seeing lots more of you!

  2. Oh, I'm happy to hear that there was "half" a happy ending to the Rowdy & Waldo story! And I hope Waldo finds a lovely home soon too.

    Great new name, Beau! And from the photos, it looks from the photos like you're making yourself right at home! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Hi Beau! You have a Most Awesome name! And gosh...your mom was right. You DO look like my Kitteh-Brudder Ripley! Maybe you'll grow up to be a pirate one day, just like him. Do they make Soft Claws with skulls n' crossbones on 'em?

    Thanks for coming by my bloggie. Looking forward to getting to know you family much better!

    Wiggles & Wags,