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Friday, March 19, 2010


Well hi everyone! Sorry for the late posting mom has been really busy. Guess what?!?

We are getting Grass in the back yard!!! WooHoo!

Let me explain. When I was a puppy I lived at another house with mom and dad that had wonderful grass that I could lay all day in the sun and be perfectly happy. Then we moved to the new bigger house and guess what? There was not a lick of grass in the back yard! Oh the Horrors! The people that had the house before mom and dad really didn't take care of it. Mom and Dad ended up spending a lot of monies on fixing stuff that they had done incorrectly and not told us about. They had to replace the sewer in the frint yard, fix the crack in the pool, fix the improperly run pipe for the a/c fic the leaking toilet upstairs, you get the point. There were lots of minies spent that forst year so there was not any monies for grass. But now they have saved enough monies and it is SPRING and time to put it in.

This is the plan:

1. Mom has a really cool job designing buildings for people so she measured the back yard and drew up a plan.

2. Dad had a friend of his come over and tell us how much dirt to buy so that they can grade the yard. If I had to grade the yard I would give it an F because it fails to have grass. haha

3. Dad had 24 cubic yards of dirt delivered so that they can grade the yard. (Mom told me that grading meant leveling the yard so that the water drains off right, I still give it an F)

4. Next they are going to come over next Saturday and play with a Bobcat! I got really excited because I have never seen a Bobcat but mom says it is a machine not a real cat. Darn! The Bobcat is going to make our yard nice and level.

5. Next they are going to dig and put down pipes for a sprinkler system. I love this too as Boxen and I love to play in the sprinkler system. It is about time mom lets us have what we want!

6. After all of this they are going to have 3500 square feet of grass delivered. This is a lot of grass. It is 1000 square feet bigger than our house! They have it delivered on big square board things and then have to unload all of it and put it in it's place. I will watch this and tell them where to put it all.

7. Then it is time to water, water, water! The grass needs a lot of water to get started.
I will show everyone pictures in our new post. I want mom to help me find some pictures of the house when they first bought it. and show you now and then show you the finished yard. I am so excited and mom is too! Dad just says he is ready to not have to hear mom complain about the ugly yard anymore.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Boxer Snuggles


  1. Whew! That sounds like a lot of work. But I bets it's going to be Most Beautiful when it's done! If I were you, I'd plant myself somewheres with a good bone and make sure they do it all right.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. WOW!! ALL that for you!!!!! that's pretty awesome!! I (Pebbles) thought that when we moved to our own home and I got my own yard that I'd have soo much grass I wouldn't know what to do first - roll in it, dig it up, or sunbath. But since our home blocks the sun ... the rain we've had ... there's NOTHING but mud back there and I thought that would be awful bc we have to get our feets wiped and dried so often ... but I was wrong - it's been AWESOME!!! Mom's thinking about getting some more hard grey stuff back there - but I'm pushing to keep the mud!

    Did you play in the snow?!?!?!