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Monday, March 8, 2010

Transfer from the old Blog #2

This is one of my favorite blogs from Andy. She left us at the begining of this year so I am very glad to have this blog from her.

Hello everyone!

I thought I would sneak on here while the stinky ones are sleeping. I am Andrea, the most important one in this house. Mom rescued me about nine years ago from the Houston SPCA. She came in one day looking for a little kitty, that had already been declawed, to live with her in the box house. She was going to school and needed someone to keep er company. My family had moved and taken me to the SPCA where there were lots of kittys needing homes and she picked me because I was the most beautiful. I am a small kitty weighing in at about 5.5 lbs. My former owners declawed me to stop me from scratching the furniture. Mom says if I had been her kitty from the start I would still have my claws. She does not believe that declawing should be allowed and neither do I. I think I am about eleven years old, at least that is what mom says but no one really knows.

I lived with mom for a long time before she started spending a lot of time with Dad. Then we moved and there was a DOG! Gross! Boxen isn't too bad really. A couple of swats to the nose and he learned to leave me alone. Then they brought the puppy home. Boy was she trouble. She was always tearing stuff up and mom and dad had the hardest time teaching her to go potty outside. They finally hung the bell from the door and she learned to ring it to go potty. Silly dogs, I don't know why they don't just use a box like me. It is always clean and feels nice on your feet when you walk in it. Anyway...Bella has not quite learned that when I swat her it does not mean I want to play, it means leave me alone! She chases me and tries to bat at me but she means well. I will teach her one day. They do keep mom safe when dad is gone so I guess they can stay.

I guess I will tell you some stuff about me. I love the sunshine, and love it even more if the window is open and I can lay in the sunshine and smell the outside. I love the laser pointer and will chase it all over the bed. I really love mom and will follow her all over the house, I even get to snuggle with her at night when we sleep. I guess the last thing is I love to eat! I eat as much as mom will feed me. Mom had me checked out and I just have a really fast metabolism, so she can feed me all I want and I will never be overweight.

I will try to sneak on here as often as I can. I have to wait for them to go to sleep though, but they sleep a lot so that will be ok. I can't wait to get to know everyone on the blogs! I will attach some pictures of me so that you can see how pretty I am.

Whisker kisses




  1. Thank you Daisy, We sure do miss her a lot at home too. She was a very special kitty to me.

    Karen (Andy's mom)

  2. Oh, Andy sounds like she was a Most Sweet kitteh. I can't believes she only weighed 5.5 pounds! Our kittehs weigh about 100 pounds each!

    Wiggles & Wags,