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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update from Bella!!

Well everyone I'm sorry I scared you all and the mama. It turnes out that eating a pair of her underpants is a really bad idea. Last night when I got home from the vet I finally got them out. Gross!!!

Anyway I'm back at the vet today so that I can have my yearly vaccinations and get my Arm Catheter out. The vet left it in incase mom and dad had to take me to the ER last night or they had to do surgery on me today.

Oh and mom wants me to tell you that she does not leave her underpants lying around I go into her closet when she is sleeping and get them out of the hamper. There is now a latch on her closet door keeping all of us out.

Anyway I am doing better and am back to my bouncy self entertaining the whole vet staff. Thanks to everyone that helped me feel better. It is really bad when us doggies eat things that we aren't supposed to. It can really mess up our insides.



  1. I have yet to try underpants...is it worth it?!

  2. Oh Bella - I'm so sorry I haven't been able to come visiting for a while and I missed your whole emergency! But I'm glad to hear that you have recovered - eeeuuhhugh! Underpants?! Surely there are more - um, tasty - things in your house??!! :-)

    Oh, and I'm so sorry to hear about Waldo & Rowdy! That is such a shame coz they were really cute cats but I know what it is like when a new member doesn't fit in - we had that problem with an adult cat we tried to adopt and she fought constantly with Lemon, so in the end we had to rehome her again (sigh) although my humans felt very guilty.

    Anyway, hope things are looking up in the Bennett household!

    Honey the Great Dane