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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A house without a cat just doesn't feel like home

So...it has been four days since I had to say goodbye to my precious Andy. She was the light of my life for so long that I feel as though a hole has been cut out of me. I am not sleeping at night, nor do I have any inclination to go home except for Boxen and Bella, Oh and I guess for Joel, LOL.

So I have started looking for a new kitty friend for our house.

I have always wanted to have two kitties. I love seeing them play, and snuggle with each other. Andy always wanted to be an only kitty so I never pushed her to share me. Now that she has left us I feel it is right to give another kitty, or two a chance to find their homes. This is where www.PETFINDER.com comes into play. You can go onto this site and see all the cats near you that need homes. You can see their pictures, read about them, and ohh and ahh over all the kittens. While I do love kittens so does everyone else. They are adopted almost three times as fast as adult or even adolescent cats. So we decided to search for an older cat, over a year. Also bonded pairs of cats are at a disadvantage because most people only want one. So we searced for a pair already bonded.

Enter Kashmere and MOOGOO. I found them at LOST PAWS RESCUE in Carrollton, TX. They were a pair that had bonded and needed to be adopted together. They are both siamese and beautiful. I e-mailed the organization and waited to hear back. I got to work the next day and had a voicemail from them saying that they didn't think they would be a good match for us, or for Boxen and Bella. What a letdown! But they did have some suggestions.

They suggested Rowdy and Waldo. They are two boys about a year old that LOVE to play! I turnes out they are camping out in the kitty room at Petsmart in the Petsmart close to us. YEA! So we head out to petsmart to check them out. We get there and of course they are sleeping. Waldo is in a cage with another calmer kitty and Rowdy is in a seperate cage. They needed to be seperated because they were making a mess of thier food bowls with all their playing!

Without further ado meet Waldo and Rowdy. We hope that they will be joining our family next Tuesday. Get ready for some Action!




  1. Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! We love handsome orange kitties! I can't wait to learn more about them.

  2. OH, they look so sweet! Can't wait to see them together in action!

    What a great idea - and lovely thing for you to do - to adopt adult cats (and two together!). I agree with you that kittens always find it easier. We had also thought of adopting an adult and would also love two but we've usually been told that a kitten would adapt to Honey better. Actually, we did adopt an adult cat several years ago when Lemon was with us and it was a disaster! The 2 cats hated each other and fought all the time - Lemon started leaving home and the other cat started pooing in our bath. (funny, Honey actually wasn't the problem!) In the end - much as it broke our hearts - we felt that we had to find another home for the new cat as of course, Lemon had priority and we could see that both cats were very stressed. So we are very wary about trying to adopt another adult again...

    Looking forward to more photos!