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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The cruise itenerary

Hi everyone it's Bella again!

Mom wanted me to come and tell you all about her cruise! They have been telling us grandma is coming to stay with us for a week. We are SOOOO Excited!

Mom and Dad are leaving Saturday morning and driving down to see mom's friend and her new baby.

Sunday they leave out of Galveston. They didn't want to fly anywhere because their honeymoon got nearly ruined by those airplanes. I don't remember cause I wasn't born yet!lol

So this is what it will look like Sunday morning...

Then they will spend day two and three at sea...

They will be doing lots of playing on the boat those days. Mom says she just wants to lay out by the pool. Dad wants to try out the casinos.

On day four they will wake up to this view!

They don't have any plans for those days they are just going to see what they want to do that day. Dad wants to take mom to do some shopping and mom wants to lay on the beach. They are going to buy some rum to take home though.

Day five they will wake up to this! Grand Cayman! So pretty!

Then once they get off the boat they are going on an adventure to see some of these! Scary!

On that adventure they are going to be able to pet stingrays, snorkel, and relax in the water. Once that is done they want to go sight seeing a little.

Day six they will wake up in Cozumel. More beaches and sun! Woohoo!

This day they will take a short taxi ride to get on another smaller boat. They are going deep sea fishing. Dad has always wanted to do that and mom fouund a really great price! The boat will take four so mom and dad are hoping to find two friends on the boat to go with them.

On that boat they will fish and snorkle. They will have food and drinks for mom and dad and whoever else they take! Then once they are done they will be dropped off where someone will cook their fish! I wish they could bring some home for us to try but the boat won't let them.

On day seven mom and dad will be at sea again. They are going to celebrate their 5 year anniversary that day. Fun! Congratulations mom and dad!

On day eight they will be getting off the boat and coming home to us! Woohoo!

Mom says I can't tell you when they are leaving cause that would not be safe but I can say you might see some pictures in the next three weeks sometime! I hope you will all have some great adventures like this soon!

Boxer wiggles

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