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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What happened to Beau...

Our brodder Beau joined us last year sometimes. It took him some time to get used to us but after a little while he tured into a kind of cool kittie. He and I would vhase each other around and he LOVED mom, Lots. He and dad never really got around to likin each other but dad said he was lots of fun to wrestle with.

One day Beau decided that he was really unhappy. He started attackin Me and Boxen and being mean to mom and dad. Beau was a Ferrral kittie when he was a baby and was tamed, whatever that means. So he always wanted outside. Mom would let him out on the leash but had heard too many stories of kitties getting hurt outside. Well one day Beau bit mom and she kicked him outside!With her foots! ( not hard, it was more of a nudge but it still suprised us).

Well Beau loved it outside and after mom got a little more comfortable leaving him outs it was working out great. He would come home sometimes with a scratch or a cut but there are a lots of cats in our neighborhood so mom just figured they were figuring things out. she would keep him inside on nights like halloweens and christmas so that he would be safe. When it would rain she would worry about him and rush home to let him in. She would dry him off and they would snuggle.

Then on New years day mom was tryin to keep Beau inside to keep him safe from drunks drivers that night. When she let us out he snuck out too. That was the last time we was him. He never came home. We put up signs and asked all of the neighborses but no one had seen him. In fact they all were happy he was gone since he had been picking on all of their cats and stealing their foods. Mom was really embarrassed. She told the neighborses that we would keep him in if we found him and to please let us know if they knew anything.

Mom wanted for a whole month for him to some home. She would go outside with us everyday and walk along the fence hoping to see him. I think she still might wish that she would see him one day jumping over the fence running to see her. He always used to come runnin when she called him, no matter how far away he was.

I know she misses her snuggly kitty, and her fat boy. I definately miss chasing him around the yard. (The new kitty does not like to be chased by the way.)

RIP Beau, We hope you are just living it up somewhere else with another family.

Beau loved to play with mom. He loved this feather thingie.

After he startied staying outside he would comes inside to sleeps. He loved to cuddle with mom while he slept.

Sometimes if he was tired enough he would even sleep with dad!

We have a lots of sleeping pictures. I wish we had more other pictures too.

Mom loved his tipped ear. She thought it gave him character!

In the end we loved to sleeps and snuggles. I think he finally figured out how warms we were!

RIP brodder. I miss you.

wiggles and snorts,


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  1. I am very sorry you lost your beautiful brother Beau.